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What is your favorite bible verse, one that comforts you in time of need, one that inspires and motivates you when you are down, one that gives you strength when you are fearful. The Bible is full of them, “ A Scripture 4 You” has assembled some of the most popular Bible Verses and with our unique system you are able to transform them into spiritually speaking creations by embossing them onto a stainless steel medallion and then allowing it to be personalized and accessorized by you.

Don’t see that special Bible Verse, then checkout our Personalized Tag Page and our Create A Tag Page and literally create your own, it's easy.

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All American Medical Alert Tags
Kinds of Medical Tags Medical Condition Tag medical tag combo photo

Welcome to A Tag 4 U Medical Alert Web Store.  We are dedicated specifically for your medical ID needs. We produce 3 types of medical alert tags, the dog tag style with or without caduceus symbol and silencer or the lightweight aluminun red tag. These two medical alert tags are high in quality, will serve your medical needs, and is reasonably priced. Our medical Alert Tags will hold five lines of information and 15 spaces per line, which is the standard in the industry.

Medical Alert Tag with the caduceus symbol will allow lines 1&2 to hold 15 characters and spaces & lines 3,4,&5 up to 10 characters & spaces


Medical identification speaks for you when you cannot speak for yourself.  It also prevents you from trying to memorize and spell various medications.  It is known that in over 90% of emergency situations, medical personnel look for Medical Alert I.D.  More than 75% check for a medical I.D. immediately upon assessing the patient.  They need to know our health situation as soon as possible, special conditions, medications we take along with what we are allergic to.

Medical Alert Tags are the first aid for doctors and nurses to understand the situation and to avoid dangerous delays or mistreatments. 


It is important to place the information on your medical alert tag that will best assist you in time of need.  Our Medical Alert Tags will take the standard amount of information that can be placed on 5 lines and 15 spaces per line, characters and spaces

First Line Your First & Last Name
Second Line Your Condition
Third Line Your Allergic Reaction
Fourth Line Current Medication
Fifth Line Emergency Phone Number

Again feel free to have your own idea as to what you would like to place on your medical alert tag.  Just keep in mind the number of available lines and the number of characters in the line.


Diabetes-Blood Thinners-Angina-Allergies: Drug/Food/Insects-Asthma-Multiple Medications-Hemophilia-Alzheimer’s/Dementia-Hypoglycemia-Heart Patient-Pacemaker Epilepsy-Seizure Disorder-Abnormal EKG-Renal Failure-Multiple Sclerosis-Vision Impaired & other conditions.

Special Offers

medical tag combo photo

Medical Alert Tag Safety Combo
Be protected at all times
Order our stainless steel Medical Alert Tag Safety Combo for
only $9.99 ($16.00 value)
(2 identical embossed tags, 2 silencers and 1 necklace chain & 1 key chain)
Two times the tags and 2 times the protection

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